Day Two: Change Shops for Socks

Target_SocksI saw the Harbinger of Change at Target today.  He was shopping for socks.  I found this slightly humorous but when I asked him about it he simply said: You either grow with Change or it grows you, more nonsensical platitudes.  He had some really odd colors picked out and I felt it my responsibility to point out that you should match your socks with either your shoes or your belt.  He looked at me with a sense of pity.

So much time worried about what others think, he said plainly, worried about your socks, your hair . . . the opinions of others. He stopped for a moment and seemed to be thinking.  But Change is coming for you and opinions will be the least of your concerns.

Indeed, here you are. I chuckled and tried to lighten the moment. He stood quietly, not responding.  Hey there fellow, I don’t even know what to call you.

I am the Harbinger of Change.

That’s a mouthful, I laughed.  I tried to present myself as care free and easy going, but it was probably obvious that I was not at ease.  How about if I call you Harold?  Again, trying to insert humour into an uncomfortable situation.

Regardless of what you call me, Change is coming.

So you keep saying.  You got any details on that Change?

He shook his head.  No, not yet.  It’s not time.  He replied.  But Change is coming.  He repeated himself.  With that he looked at his watch, set down the socks, and walked out of the store.  He never looked back, didn’t say another word, just left.  I was certain I would be seeing him again.


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