Day Seven: No Sign of Change

Do not enter sign

I hadn’t seen the Harbinger of Change in a number of days.  I kept thinking he would pop up somewhere.  But he didn’t.  This was probably part of his plan all along.  Get me thinking about Change and then disappear for a length of time.  I considered changing everything.  How long I sleep, what I eat for breakfast, my job . . . but in the end, I defied him.  I will not change, I yelled to the absent specter of change.

To exercise the thoughts I started to do everything exactly the same.  Counting the strokes as I brush my teeth, always parking in the same spot (even circling the block numerous times to make sure I get MY spot), kissing my wife good night at precisely 10:27 each night; anything to avoid change.

Then it happened: I decided to skip the curly fries with my Arby’s Roast Beef Max.  I don’t know what possessed  me to do something so reckless.  I guess I was wearing a nice outfit and I didn’t want the grease on my fingers to find it’s way to my slacks.  Whatever the reason, I rued my decision the moment I realized it.  I knew that was it: Change would be back . . .


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