About J. W. McKay

Many of you know me as Jonathan Kohns, or Doctor Kohns, or DK, or Dad.  J. W. McKay is the pseudonym I came up with to differentiate serious/scholarly writing with my fiction – J. W. (Jonathan Wesley) – Kay (Kohns) – Mc (because Scottish people are cool).  Since I was in 4th grade I have wanted to be a writer and have enjoyed writing a fair bit to the enjoyment of self, friends, and family.  But why write if you can’t share?  The internet provides tremendous possibilities for self publishing, so here I go.  My literary influences range from such diverse figures as Tolkien, Bradbury, Golding, Wiesel, Poe, and London.  While I am working on a longer piece of fiction (a proper novel) and excerpts of that may appear here, this page is mostly for short stories and poems.  I hope you enjoy my writing.


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