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Away ~ Words of the Prodigal


Struck out on my own
Struck out all alone
In search for so much more, but I found much less
Abandoned shallow love
Left any pretense of
Faith, trust, security, but I still see your eyes

I still see your hands
Do they welcome me?
Or push me away?

Stained glassed and boxed in
Tried to define my sin
Your sense of morality had no place for me
The picture’s weaker here
Not thinking all that clear
Sometimes it’s easier just to say goodbye

But if I change my mind
Would you welcome me?
Or push me away?

Don’t you know my love for you?

In your heart you know it’s true

Though at times you may not see

In my heart you’ll always be

They say you’re there for me
They say you’ll always be
Where were you on the day I needed you
Can’t tell what’s inside
Too many things to hide
Someday I just may see, but I don’t know
Confusion in the fray
No reason left to stay
Your cross blocks me way, I see the thorns in your brow

See the nails in your hands
Though they welcome me
I push you away


~ J. W. McKay – 1995

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