These Times

This poem comes from some song lyrics that I co-wrote with Andy Crookell more than ten years ago.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post it or not as they are shared and I don’t recall any longer what was mine and what was his.  But it is a great tie in to the philosophical blog I just posted on my other page:  Swimming With Mr. Dibbs  If you enjoy my work, please “like” it.

Infinity time. Digital generated

Freedom of life excuse for morality

Freedom of thought evade responsibility

Words you create seeking immortality

Words you erase escape accountability

If I told you my thoughts would you take the time?

If my views were expressed would you hear me fine?

If I stood out above would you accept me?

Shouted with love would you reject me?

These times – try to trip me up

These times – they turn me around

These words – can’t think for myself

These days – they leave me

Hiding behind every smile

Filtering every thought and opinion

We collide then drift apart

Empty lives and cold lonely hearts

Should I present my case advertising services?

Show my face on TV appearances?

If I answered your problems then would you see?

Or maybe I should offer fifteen minutes free.

~ J. W. McKay & Andy Crookell – 2000

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